Multi Sensor Package

Perimeter Beam, Motion Detection, CCTV



-Get instant notification via text when someone enters your property-

Now for the first time any property owner has an affordable way to gain access to the some of the most advanced & effective commercial-grade security equipment available which every day is becoming more of a necessity: UHD (4K) IPC camera, radio front/drive Parabeam alert, internal motion detector (PIR), GSM alarm panel for alarm texts. Whether home or not you can respond to intruders in real-time,  with fast* and accurate cellular triggering coupled with Full HD crystal-clear video- all within seconds!

Package includes:

1 x GSM Alarm Panel for text alerts
1 x Parabeam 40m
1 x UHD 4K OutDoor Antivandal Smart IR camera
1 x Motion Detector
1 x Parabeam Base Receiver
1 x Strobe

Quick Features

Cellular alerting is one of the most reliable ways to receive alarm messages- right to your phone almost instantly. Focused IR (infra red) beam with radio communication is one of the most effective methods to detect people and vehicles. An internal motion detector (PIR) detects entry into your property instantly. A FHD IPC camera with smart IR gives almost instant access to whoever has triggered the beam so no question marks. GSM or cellular alerting means you have real-time texts telling you which zones have been triggered so you can take immediate action.

Includes all work required to get the system up and running and is carried out on site by professional, licensed, personnel to the highest standard and is included in the price (see below for what we need ready on site). Camera & beam mounting, sighting, calibration,network configuration, local and offsite testing, software installation to devices and training. Post-install customisation: for such things as motion triggering & recording zones, white balance, shutter speed and frame rates, beam calibration amongst others are all performed and completed remotely from our workshop servers.

Package includes:

FHD camera- see below, 128GB MSD storage
-1 zone solar powered beamset (can scale to two zone, four zone available)
-2 zone base receiver (four zone available)
-2 zone Parabeam Cellular module (four zone available)
-Installation for cable, Air Bridge available if required
-Software & installation and configuration to devices
-Software & equipment usage

Camera Features

– IPC 1/2” 8 Megapixel progressive scan CMOS
– Support wide range of video codecs (ieH.265 & MJPEG)
– Max 20fps@8M(2688×1520) & 25/30fps@3M(2304×1296) & 4k
– Smart Detection supported
– WDR(120dB), Day/Night(ICR), 3DNR, AWB, AGC, BLC
-Analytics include: Line crossing, Intrusion zones, Multiple privacy masks etc
– Multiple network monitoring: Web viewer, CMS(DSS/PSS) & DMSS
– 2.8mm fixed lens (3.6mm, 6mm, & zoomable optional)
– Optional built-in mic
– Max. IR LEDs Length 50m
– Micro SD memory, IP67, IK10, PoE

Beam Features
-Highly accurate and dependable system with lowest night time false-positives around
-Standard unit 40m distance, 200m units available
-Up to 800m distance to base receiver
-Solar powered beamsets
-Wide range of modular accessories
-3 year warranty

Motion Detector Features
-On board processor to reduce false alarms
-Pet immunity to 25k
-Detection range min. 5m
-Wide angle pyroelectric sensor
-LED for visual cue

GSM, 3G, 4G, LTE Cellular Alarm Panel
Responsible for monitoring sensors and generating a text per zone to nominated phones. Can be armed and disarmed via phone so no worries if you forget to arm your system when leaving the property, confirmation text generated. Telemetry service provided by Warehouse Moble, Vodafone, 2 Degrees, please refer to providers’ terms & conditions for service provisioning. Spark compatible units available. Pricing from $4 per month unlimited.

$3499 inclusive GST


Installation requirements
IMPORTANT NOTE: A single cable is required to be run to camera from router- we can organise this or you can do you own, cable provided at no charge
-Typically two hotpoints for: Base Receiver, PoE for camera.
-A minimum of ADSL connection though Fibre preferred for better performance when accessing remotely
-Cellular availability for GSM alerting.

Please see our Terms & Conditions

It is the clients responsibility to ensure appropriate services are in place for remote alerting and access. It is assumed these requirements are met before installation however the prime security functionality ie CCTV and inside alerting will work regardless. 

Total recording time will vary from site to site, cameras are genuine cached motion event triggering for which we will configure non-trigger zones, along with all other configurations such as light balance etc. We will setup all devices required with remote access and will configure system to provide best connectivity, generally we will need to finalise this in our workshop.

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*Subject to operator and user equipment performance