At $269.99 these are a cost-effective DIY outdoor motion detector- The GateKeeper alerts with light and sound when vehicles or pedestrians approach within a nine meter radius. Fully self-powered it is ideal for many applications: gateways, drives, sheds, back doors etc. making this one of the best-value passive infra-red outdoor motion alerts around for general use.

Expandable to four zones per base station additional stations available. 

Solar Gatekeeper & Base Receiver

Tough and reliable, effective beam-to-base radio range up to 400m with low false alarm rate when installed appropriately.
Mains and/or battery powered receiver ensures no loss of alerts
Unlike many competitors these units are equipped with a large high-output solar panel keeping the lithium 18650 battery charged under all conditions with enough reserve to last up to 2 months without sunlight- no more swapping out batteries as in cheaper products!


No wiring- only a screwdriver is required. A unique anti-tamper mounting system ensures safety of the unit and assists positioning. Can be installed outdoors anywhere sunlight is available or indoors powered by USB or mains. Mounts in minutes with minimal setup on any suitable mounting surface. No technical knowledge is required, full setup instructions provided.

Note: This unit has no relays and so CANNOT be interfaced with an alarm panel or text module.