Parabeam Home Security System

$2499 incl GST & installation

  • Perimeter intrusion detection
  • Cellular alarm panel
  • Night/day camera

The need for a home security system has never been higher!

Detecting intrusion before issues arise has long been the holy grail of security systems- advances in technology now make this a reality without the price-tag making home invasions, snoops, opportunistic thieves a thing of the past- literally stopping them in their tracks! 

The Parabeam family of outdoor security systems were originally developed for the rural & commercial markets, however with the introduction of scaled-down systems they have become affordable for the home market and without any compromise on quality.

So combining the power of a Parabeam driveway/frontage entry alarm with remote cellular alerting and a high resolution camera accessible while away from home provides a powerful and effective property security solution as well as tremendous peace-of-mind at an unbeatable price (promotion for a limited time only).

Consider some of the many benefits:

  • Early hours intruders instantly detected- even if hundreds of meters up a driveway
  • Visitors can easily be identified even when away from home
  • The built in intercom makes communication possible from virtually anywhere
  • Push notifications mean even your doorbell acts becomes a safety device- view visitors without opening the door, a powerful deterrence for scam callers
  • Video footage is stored for easy access and for later viewing or supply to law enforcement 
  • The beam provides in effect an invisible fence right across your front yard with instant communication to receiver and/or phone(s)

Bundled Components

Intrusion Detection- Parabeam FSK-700

Alarm Panel- HiDRA 2, 3, or 4G Cellular* connectivity

Camera- HD wide angle, scene-adjustable, WDR, push/doorbell/intercom functionality, motion detect, MSD 8Gb storage, remote configurable**, mains not required as battery pack included (6700mAh @ 2 x 18650)

Installation- complete installation of Parabeam, alarm panel programming, software installed to user devices, training.

*Activated SIM to be provided by client, cellular coverage must be available
**Requires internet connectivity

Note: intended site must meet basic requirements- we recommend a site pre-appraisal to ensure suitability, self installers assume all responsibility for any installation issues.

So- Join thousands of NZ satisfied customers who experience the benefits of a smart outdoor perimeter protection & intrusion detection system. Claim back your property & safety with proven protection from thieves, stalkers, and peeping-toms.

Unlike standard systems such things as false triggers, high maintenance, complex management, inaccurate detection, are  minimised and virtually eliminated. Combined with a competent camera system a trigger can be observed and analysed with seconds. No more guess work or after-the-fact fallout- take action in real time!

Invest in the power and peace of mind of a Smart Beam Property Protection System today!

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