CCTV & Outside Detection

Security systems are evolving to provide effective property intrusion on the outside where it belongs!

Internal systems are limited to detecting intrusion often when its too late, imagine knowing someone is on your property before they can do anything? More than just a security system-  providing invaluable peace of mind!

Deploying accurate state-of-the art radio perimeter sensors gives you valuable time to take action home or away, these sensors are configured for people and cars only, eliminating over 90% of false alarms typical in other systems due to cat, dog, birds & moth triggers under normal circumstances. Fully weather proof and immune to typical weather conditions that cause false triggers common in competing systems.

Combine the power of radio perimeter detection, a high resolution camera removes any question marks as to cause, no more randomly checking your property remotely, now all you need to do is respond when an alert goes off whether via the in home audio alert receiver or via text to your cell phone. 

Parabeam Property Intrusion Detection
Honeywell CCTV Systems
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