Why self-monitor?


Alarm Self Monitoring Benefits

▪ Unbeatable “peace-of-mind” security
▪ Affordable- no monitoring station subscription & related service costs 
▪ Fast & reliable communications gives you the ability to respond in real time to events
▪ Cellular is proven to be the most reliable remote alerting for self-monitored alarm systems apart from physical cable
▪ All components commercial grade and seamlessly integrated to provide fast & simple operation
▪ Puts your property back in YOUR control day & night
▪ Unparalleled TCO compared to many systems on the market

Cost Comparison – guide only – accurate at time of publishing
-Choose the provider that suits you!

In Descending Order:
Monitoring Centre- typically $35 pm + calls to owner (in most cases) + third party security services
Vodafone GSM/3G/4G/ up to $19 depending on account type for unlimited texts pm* per phone number
Vodafone GSM/3G/4G/ pre-paid @ 10c per text based on 2 per day arm/disarm $6
Warehouse mobile & 2 degrees 3G/4G only $4 pm unlimited text
Spark – subject to region and radio frequencies available, account type

Above information provisioning is ongoing and subject to change without notice, we recommend determining region & pricing before commissioning, we will advise and recommend appropriate system on purchase.
*per month = 30 days
General Notes: OHC Ltd recommend commercial wired systems where a higher level of security is required.
Batteries should be checked before leaving premises for any length of time and replaced if low, likewise SIM should be checked for credit/functionality.. A walk-through should be performed monthly.