Locator Beacons

  ACR Locator Beacons Available
For Hire or Sale

Readily available and easy to use, for less than a small group would pay for a coffee- there’s just no need to take chances! (Click the image for other locations)

Hire Costs:
1 Day  –    $15  <- New low-low single-day rate!
3 Days –   $30
7 Days  –  $40

First week of hire: $40
Consecutive weeks: $30 pw
(ie 3 weeks would be $100)

Or Buy $480 incl. GST

Available for pickup & drop-off Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm excluding public holidays.

You will need:
To complete the hire form including the following information:
Name and contact number
NZ emergency contact number
Your exit day
A “Panic Day”

Please Note: Whilst we can cater for a few hires at a time- we recommend booking at least two days in advance.

NOTIFIED delays in equipment return will be charged as an extension per hired rate at time of pickup
UN-NOTIFIED* delays in equipment return will be charged @ $20 per day to include admin costs in re-submitting paperwork

*It is imperative delays are advised to avoid “Panic Day” emergency services response. As delays in returning equipment may impact bookings your consideration is appreciated.