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Why is a Solar-Powered Parabeam Perimeter Defense system superior to many typical alarm indoor systems?

Because it protects you and your property at the most critical time-  BEFORE an intruder can gain access. Many are now opting for perimeter detection technology which provides an immediate, real-time alert the instant someone enters your property- up to 300m expandable & multi zone, providing unparalleled peace of mind. When correctly installed the system is designed to eliminate nuisance triggers such as pets, wind-blown objects, rain, birds etc., so you know when it goes off it’s for good reason! No more false alarms especially at night. Call us today for a free quote!

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Our Parabeam Perimeter Detection systems are supported by Honeywell Surveillance systems and HiDRA 4G remote access alarm panels- be alerted anywhere, anytime with fastest possible video access whenever your perimeter detection system alerts you.