Personal Safety

Personal Safety
In The Great Outdoors

Enjoy the Great Outdoors- Safely! The bush is not a toy so take an ACR locator Beacon with you, for hire or sale.

For hire pricing see our LOCATOR BEACON HIRE page.
Visit Locator Beacons website, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to saving Kiwi lives as they enjoy the great outdoors
Only premium quality ACR ResQlink beacons are hired and supplied with after sales support, repairs & maintenance
Read survivor stories and more- don’t be caught without one…EVER!

Instore Beacon Options & Accessories

Never go into the bush unprepared, it only takes seconds for disaster to strike but can days for help to arrive, a basic and lightweight kit can make the difference between life and death, get one of ours or make your own

Torch & Strobe
Small LED torch- versatile, light and rugged- essential nighttime assist if an unexpected night needs to be spent in the bush!
Features a ring-strobe for trail marking and lens strobe for sky
Extremely lightweight Mylar Thermal Bivvie Bag, weighs next to nothing (117gms) Retains body warmth, fully waterproof, a big upgrade to a thermal blanket. Opened out size: 120cm x 200
Light basic kit for cuts, abrasions, blisters, plus bandage, pads, scissors, tape etc. Approx 200gm
Wear on your belt, shoulder, or attach to other bags, complete with straps, full velcro panel, carry handle. Holds all the basics and more!
Don’t forget to take some sustenance- either for yourself or someone else- it doesn’t have to be a lot such as with two or  three bars of OSM or similar,   along with an adequate supply of water.

A balanced source of energy, protein, carbohydrates, fats, fibre, 10 vitamins and 6 minerals.


Personal Protection
At Home or at Work

With home invasions, service station holdups, and general break-ins  becoming increasingly common- eliminate personal risk by installing a UR Fog Cannon: fast, reliable, lightweight, and effective! Can be installed anywhere and easy to use via a remote control fob on your keyring, phone, or panic button. Also has built-in power outage battery backup functionality
The latest in alarm & protection technology:

Personal & Property Protection- Perimeter

For large areas such as homes, farms, utility sheds, driveways etc, nothing compares to a long range Perimeter Alarm System- gain valuable time day or night, home or away by stopping intruders in their tracks! Enhances or even replaces standard alarm systems offering superior peace-of-mind and invaluable for protecting your property. Call us today to find out which system is right for you.
Covers large areas as well as small ones- protect your property 24/7 before trouble can even start by giving immediate alerts when a property is entered, combined with a self-monitored alarm system you will always know what is happening on your property.

Solar Powered Micro-Alarm


Portable motion activated alarm system with siren & strobe
Great for:
-Outside bedroom windows

Easy to mount and operate, size: 120*69mm


Four Modes: 24 hour or night only, siren & strobe or strobe only
Solar powered: 5V*0.6W polycrystalline silicon
LED: 6 flash red lights durable ABS
Waterproof grade: IP65
110 Degree up to 8m
Battery 3.7V*400mAh  polymer lithium battery
Working hours: induction 45 seconds or so sound and light alarm more than 300 times, once charged, standby for 30 days