Putting It Together

Not Just Property

Often security concerns initially revolve around property, however security systems should be more considered as a life-style choice as when designed & deployed well their benefits go far beyond securing property- offering enhanced peace of mind with regard to personal safety.

Perimeter real-time breach detection provides invaluable information as to activity in a specific moment and place, great for peace of mind especially for those who feel vulnerable, and is now becoming the technology of choice for both commercial & private with arguably the highest deterrence value of any system and are the perfect partner for cameras. Great for optimising employee time in larger customer service areas such as car yards, garden centres, to name a few.

Standard alarm systems are evolving to meet the capabilities of new technologies so their value is in bringing all these new technologies and systems together- the processing hub as it were- providing at minimal running cost a fully self-monitored system both home and abroad! Imagine having all the necessary information at your fingertips even when not at home

Cameras have become a part of everyday life being installed just about everywhere- home, retail, commercial premises. A good camera system not only provides live viewing but also quality recording which may be needed for legal action which is a key weakness of many systems. A clear idea of the purpose of the cameras is required to ensure optimum benefit.

So- the ideal security system consists of all above, whilst in some cases defensive measures need to be installed also. However this can be an expensive exercise

So by combining a mix of CCTV, Perimeter, and standard systems a very powerful system can be  deployed offering benefits surpassing any system on its own and have never been more effective with the