At the heart of the majority of our security systems, Parabeam® offers outstanding value-for-money and is one of a family of new technologies putting intrusion detection where it really belongs- outside! More than just a driveway alert- Parabeam® allows you to remotely monitor gates, sheds, machinery, vehicles, fence lines and fuel storage facilities sending alerts to it’s receiver, or a mobile phone or pager, alerting you no matter where you are* when a visitor has arrived, welcome or unwelcome

What It Is

A security & intrusion management system featuring fast and accurate access-detection of people and vehicles providing an audible alert via a managed base receiver. Interfaced with an alarm panel, GSM/data module, etc., provides remote real-time alerting. Known for extremely low “false” triggers.

How It Does It
Two active IR emitters creating a laser-like invisible 50hz pulsed beam with a receiver measuring the pulses ensuring deadly accurate triggering instantly transmitted to an indoor processing panel with silent or audio alerting. Processing can be handed over to relays, strobes, a text message, or activate security lights, strobes, sirens etc*.



There is almost no sensor type the Parabeam cannot be paired with or modified for use for, such as:

  • Magnetic vehicle detectors
  • Motion sensors
  • Speed limit detectors
  • Height sensors
  • UHF pagers & 2-ways
  • Remote sirens
  • GateSense to determine gate/opened or closed
  • Water monitoring to activate pumps on low water levels

Custom systems can also be designed and deployed after consultation with a factory engineer. See Parabeam accessories.

Different beamsets are also available, see their descriptions below.


Who Uses It

From small to large sites- everyone who has an interest in keeping themselves and their property safe whether urban or large-scale commercial. As long as perimeter and entry management is of concern then their is a solution for you.

Originally developed for the rural community they are now commonly deployed with cameras and remote alerting for household properties. See the urban bundle here, and see some of the common problems below The Beam is used to eliminate:

  • Home invasions
  • Peeping Toms
  • Property theft
  • Nighttime confrontations
  • Privacy protection ie swimming pools
  • Construction of unnecessary & expensive fencing

Standard Beamset

  • Monitors 1 to 4 zones, expandable
  • Up to 35m typical detection zone
  • First choice for urban installation where short or immediate area coverage is required
  • SOLAR powered
  • Alert transmissions up to 700m


Pro Beamset

Parabeam Pro perimeter alarm

  • Monitors 1 to 4 zones, expandable
  • Up to 300m
  • Designed for commercial, and industrial applications where large areas and buildings are involved
  • SOLAR powered
  • Low maintenance
  • Alert transmissions to 700m or up to 2.5km


XR-2500 Beamset

  • Monitors 1 to 4 zones, expandable
  • Up to 35m
  • Great for any application where long range transmission is required
  • SOLAR powered
  • Low maintenance
  • Alert transmissions up to 2.5km

3 Year On-Site Warranty, including Batteries when professionally installed
*Must be within range of transmission method ie cellular