Long Range Paging system* with Voice Communications $439 incl. GST

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Product Highlights

  • No more lost sales or theft from unattended customer walkouts!
  • Up to 2500m range between hand-sets in open space
  • 4 separate zone-type inputs, beam, service bell, vehicle detector etc.
  • Rechargeable Lipol batteries in hand-sets (3.7V), chargeable via base or USB
  • Selectable communication channels
  • Light & durable, with belt clip
Quick Overview

This system has ability to be used as both a long-range paging system as well as for voice communication between handsets.  Perfect for sites that need to monitor multiple entrance-ways and businesses that need quick communication between staff.  These systems generally pay for themselves in a few weeks by saving staff valuable time, catching otherwise missed opportunities and vastly improving customer service.

One example of how it may be used:

A business has several staff that may be anywhere on the property at any time.  All staff have a hand-set that may be carried either by hand or on a belt-clip.  When a visitor or customer arrives through say ‘Gate 2’ everyone receives an audible notification. (in this case two long beeps) Using ‘walkie-talkie’ mode staff may then discuss who is in the best position to greet the customer.

Other System features
  • 2500m range between hand-sets in open space, 300-400m range in a built-up area.
  • 4 different tone sequences identify 4 different entrance-ways / zones.
  • Ability to talk between hand-sets out in the field and between the ‘base’ and remote hand-sets.
  • Saves mobile phone costs when you only need local / brief communication.
  • Adjustable ‘beep volume’ control. (about 92dB beep volume when on maximum)
  • PTT button on base unit allows quick voice communication without unplugging handset from charger.
  • Compatible with ® 2-zone or 4-zone base receivers.
  • Interfaces with almost any 12V system (not just ® systems).
  • Can be used in a simple “Press button for service” application.
  • No ongoing charges. (advantage over 3G text messaging systems)
  • Supports an unlimited number of remote hand-sets.
  • 16 channel options built in.
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Wairarapa, L/U Hutt, P. Nth: 06 377 5535
Kapiti, Wellington, Porirua 0508 727 223
Rest of NZ 0508 727 223
Australia FREE phone: 1800 456 736


Parabeam WIRED Outdoor Customer Service Bell
Parabeam Beamsets for perimeter alerts ie “early warning” for carparks, shed & fuel security etc.
Parabeam RADIO Alert Switch (for distant locations ie rear entrance/service desk)


Hi Mike

Just letting you know we absolutely love our system, we installed it just before Easter,
We feel we have our life back, can now wander off doing our own thing and feel so relaxed
that we don’t have to stay watching the kennel’s driveway.

Feel free to use us for any recommendation

Thanks Heaps Danny & Vicki Allan
Bohena Pet Motel, Narrabri, NSW.

Hi Mike.

Just to let you know that the walkie talkies are working brilliantly.  Karen is delighted with them and the paging signal comes through so clear.

As you can imagine we are at our busiest in the kennels at present and the girls can communicate with each other which not only saves time but gives them a much better and safer working system.

Thank you once again for getting these to us before christmas and I will call and see you next week.

Azzaro Kennels and Cattery Levin

Kind Regards
Ernie Leslie


Hi Mike.

I run a small 5 ha orchard mainly on my own, so if I was away from the shed or house I would miss out on hearing customers arrive, Since adding the long-rage pager system to my existing Parabeam I have been able to know when a customer arrives even when I am at the furthest part of orchard.  On one occasion I was driving on a nearby road with my hand-set in the car and was able to hear when a customer had arrived.  An added advantage is my wife and I are able to communicate with each-other no matter where I am on the orchard without having to make a phone call each time.  Volume is very good.

John Reeve, Kaipaki Nursery and Orchard


Hi Mike.

Eric from Australia here.
You supplied me the new pager gate alarm system recently.  I have had a major computer melt down and I have lost all my information, hence the delay in getting back to you.  The new system is working great.  I have a 200 acre property on the side of a mountain at a altitude of 370 meters.  Property is 1.8km long and the pager works everywhere.  We use the 2 ways to communicate whilst working on the property and it saves many a mobile call.  My only criticism would be poor performance inside my metal shed.
Inside the shed I can still receive the page but 2 way communication is poor.  Very happy with the product and would recommend to any user of your gate alarm as a remote pager.  By far superior range than the old system.

Regards Eric.


*Requires the Parabeam base receiver and zone module ie Outdoor Customer Service bell, Beamset etc., any combination up to four modules can be install, expansion bases available. See our accessories page.

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