Automate & Control Your

Home With ZigBee!

Now it’s easier than ever to manage your home

do it your way- home or away!

What Is ZigBee?

ZigBee is essentially a wireless “mesh network” protocol designed to connect and manage every-day devices remotely via the internet, with many manufacturers now implementing it into their equipment. It is a rapidly developing & popular wireless IoT platform for managing home appliances and devices from your phone, tablet, or PC no matter where you are – you can monitor, manage, and receive notifications all via one convenient App and goes beyond the obvious applications. Most Zigbee devices can connect and talk to each other and this way extend out the range of connected devices. Look for the ZigBee logo

ZigBee Logo

How Does It work?

By connecting to your home network through a ZigBee Hub you can communicate with a myriad of “mesh” enabled electrical devices. Integrates with Alexa, Smart Life, Google Home etc. and runs under both Android and iOS devices. The use and management of devices is only limited by your imagination!

What Can You Use?

Just about anything from light bulbs to cameras, to thermostats, even non-ZigBee devices can be managed via smart sockets, whether they are heaters, air conditioners, or even the toaster! With an easy to use intuitive interface it’s now simpler and cheaper than ever to stay in control without the need for timers, schedulers, or guesswork.