Alarm Systems & Computer Services

NZ's No.1 Parabeam installer!

Alarm Systems & Computer Services

7 Jackson St, Masterton

We are  NZ's No1 Parabeam installer!

We are NZ's No1 Parabeam installer!

Superior outdoor alarm systems - superior results

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IT, Computer Sales & Service

Our workshop can fix your digital blues- no job too small. Thinking of a high-performance build? From gaming rigs to advanced workstations we can spec and build it for you- exactly the way you want it.

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Premium Property Security & Management Systems

Realtime alerts and expandable to push notifications to your cellphone so you never miss a visitor wherever you are! These effective, fast, and efficient intrusion detection systems take self monitoring to the next level. False alarms are eliminated and provide accurate optical entry verification with a high quality intercom accessible from anywhere.

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Vehicle Trackers Supplied & Installed

4G subscription-free trackers with battery backup not only protect your vehicle but also prevent vehicle misuse. Running costs typically $5- 7 per month on a prepaid plan.

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Licensed designers and installers of security systems, we can work out a strategy to suit you


Speed Is King - from school to engineering- all of our custom builds whether for gaming, video editing, or CAD are spec'd for best performance, reasonably priced, and built to last!


Supply, installation & configuration of all Microsoft products and accounts Security software supply & installation


All computer diagnostic, repairs, upgrades, performance hardware. Sixteen work-bays ensures job-to-bench times are greatly reduced