Looking to secure your family and property?

We are NZ’s top Parabeam installer! 

Secure your both property and ensure personal safety by deploying an effective yet easy to use outdoor alarm system. By combining cameras and beams- monitoring access to your property has never been more effective! You will get the all-important early warning needed to remain secure and protect your property either from within the safety of your own home or when away by being able to see and communicate with intruders via the built-in intercom.

The accuracy of detection is exceptional, and when installed correctly by trained personnel the system is set to detect only people and cars, or simply put human activity by using it’s advanced Active Infra-Red beam technology and algorithms. The system is perfectly suited to nighttime intrusions and ensures a restful night as alarms are optimised for people and vehicles only. The system can also be setup and configured for stock management purposes.

General Applications

Residential- security- intruder detection & deterrence, day or night
Commercial– theft- after hours property entry
Rural– utility sheds, fuel, chemicals, stock movement etc
Shop & retail (cameras) discreet surveillance
4G Remote cameras for property monitoring eg fuel pumps can be supplied
Covert video or audio capturing services available

Optional Add-ons

Beamsets (zones), and repeaters for larger properties
Cameras including cabled, WIFI, solar, cellular 4G
Access points for wider internet access coverage
Motion detectors, smoke detectors, door & window switches
Device control eg lamps or appliances

Why Outdoor/Perimeter Detection?

Older technologies can no longer meet the increasingly brazen threats of burglaries, vandalism, and assaults, and even time theft.


Whilst perimeter systems are known for securing personnel and property in general, the Parabeam system also provides premium property management benefits via the easy to read time-stamped hierarchical event logging invaluable for tracking personnel arrival/departure, ARM/DISARM, faults, etc. all on your smart device 24/7!

Future proof and flexible

The Parabeam system works alongside all CCTV, alarm, and monitoring systems, and in most cases can provide advanced direct connectivity with its onboard relay output with no further equipment being required. Additionally the companion Parabeam alarm processing panel (APU) can also enroll other wireless sensors such as PIR motion detectors, door/window switches, smoke detectors, noise detectors etc.

The system also has a built-in Family Support Group emergency broadcast (SOS) function at no extra cost- the Parabeam system and companion APU are all completely subscription-free with no hidden maintenance costs or other fees and are totally independent of outside control or management.

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