Security has just got better – our systems now include SOS functionality for extra protection, and at no extra cost!

Our Parabeam platform is even now more comprehensive with the new SOS feature (go to here to learn more) with it’s included easy and convenient app, and can be activated by the push of a button by phone, neck pendant, or directly on the panel- help can be just a button press away.

Why Are Outdoor Alarms Superior?

Perimeter beams offer critical & unique advantages for security systems, making them a valuable addition to your overall defense strategy. Here are some key benefits:

  • Early Warning System: Perimeter beams create a virtual fence around your property- a fence that can communicate with you whenever someone crosses the beam, it triggers an alarm, alerting you to potential intrusion before they even reach your doors or windows and optionally can send the alert to your phone anywhere. This allows for a quicker response and typically deters criminals from proceeding further- nothing is effective to deter stalkers or peeping Toms.
  • Reduced False Alarms: Unlike motion sensors that can be triggered by pets or windblown objects, perimeter beams use active infrared technology. This reduces false alarms drastically to near zero (#99.8%)*.
  • Multiple Beam Options: Perimeter beam systems come with various configurations, with single, double, or even quad beams. More beams offer greater precision and pinpoint intrusion.
  • Adaptable to Different Needs: Perimeter beams can be used in various settings, from securing open areas like driveways, isolating swimming pools, to creating an additional layer of protection alongside fences or walls. They can be mounted on structures or mounted on poles for wider coverage.
  • Works Covertly: Unlike typical security cameras, perimeter beams can be discreet and don’t require visible light. This makes them less susceptible to tampering by intruders and offers an element of surprise, as well as having superb nighttime accuracy.
  • Integrates with Other Systems: Perimeter beams can be seamlessly integrated with existing security systems, including alarm panels and monitoring services. This allows for a unified security response when triggered.

Clearly, perimeter beams provide a reliable and efficient way to strengthen your property’s security. They offer early detection, minimize false alarms, and work effectively in various situations.

*Approximation based on real-world feedback on units installed by an approved Parabeam installer