Perimeter Systems

We stock four types of perimeter & entry alerting systems and the list is added to whenever a qualifying product becomes available. Review our popular installed & DIY systems below to find the right one for you.


A premium perimeter protection & management product- more than “just” a security system! Can be interfaced with an alarm panel and many other devices & sensors (see our Parabeam page here). Parabeam FSK-700 std unit has a detection span of 40m transmitting alerts up to 700m away. Combined with accurate sampling rates & positioning eliminates all but human activity whether on foot or in a vehicle. When interfaced with a GSM or similar alarm panel The Beam is transforms into a powerful remote reporting tool to further protect personnel and properties, one of only a select few to do so.


Proudly New Zealand made and exported overseas, the Parabeam Family of products is designed to provide personal security & commercial property protection under even the most demanding positions. Expect years of reliable protection with amongst the lowest cost-of-ownership you can get. When installed by licensed professionals it provides amongst the most accurate detection rates in it’s class and offers no-miss nighttime detection. Many commercial accessories are also available ie magnetic-field vehicle detection. Compatible with all camera systems.


From $269.99 these are a cost-effective DIY outdoor motion detector- The GateKeeper alerts with light and sound when vehicles or pedestrians approach within a nine meter radius. Designed primarily for gateways & drives, making this one of the best-value alternative passive infra-red based outdoor motion alerts for general monitoring. Expandable to four zones per base station. Easy installation, full usage instruction provided

Heavy-duty, tough and reliable, effective beam-to-base radio range up to 400m with low false alarm rate when installed appropriately.
Mains and/or battery powered receiver ensures no loss of alerts. Unlike many competitors these units are equipped with a high-output solar panel keeping the large lithium 18650 battery charged under all conditions with enough reserve to last up to 2 months without sunlight- no more swapping out batteries as in cheaper products or missing alerts.

GateKeeper Lite

From $199 this system is similar in most respects to the GateKeeper but in a smaller form factor & battery. Enhanced flexibility with up to 7 sensors on a single receiver means more areas can be monitored each with it’s own individual chime. Range up to 400m with a detection field around 9m.


Great for properties with up to seven smaller areas to monitor. So now it’s even more economical to detect general movement in those hard to keep-an-eye-on areas such as woodsheds, back entrances, carports, garden sheds etc.

Portable Battery Powered 16 Ch System

Up to 16 zones using battery powered sensors (2 x AA) with adjustable lens apertures & distance detection. Batteries will last in full-time mode for around six months. The base receiver can be powered by battery (3 x AA) or micro USB (recommended). From $169.



Designed to provide a shield of protection in a wide variety of areas where sunlight or power may not be available such as lifestyle properties, camp sites, or if you have simply “gone bush!” Take it with you where ever you go or setup multiple sites with just the one receiver which will automatically pickup your zones. A flashing LED corresponds to the zone as well as an audible alert.